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This script keeps crashing

I'm using the arcade library, and this script keeps crashing. I think it's my function but idk. Definitely the script, I've run it from two IDEs and the file explorer and every time it shows a black ...
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How to program the tunnels in a Dig Dug demake?

I'm trying to remake Dig Dug and am struggling when it comes to how to make the tunnels. I'm actually attempting to demake it on Pico8. I'm relatively new to Pico8 but not new to game development. I'm ...
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How to instantiate seamless scrolling tiles

I'm trying to create in Unity an "Endless Runner" game, where the player remains stationary on the 0 of the axes while the tiles underneath him scroll with a fixed speed on the Z-Axis. The ...
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How to implement arcade-style spawning?

In many arcade-style games with a horizontally scrolling camera, enemies spawn offscreen, either left or right, and traverse the screen in the opposite direction. Spawning enemies is easy enough, but ...
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Scrolling in 3d Shmup with 32Bit era effects

How can I create a scrolling effect like in Ikaruga, where the background is on Rails and the foreground is fixed with the player in Unity? Some more ...
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Stuck space invaders

I have the following space invaders code which is working pretty well. On invader creation: ...
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How to handle user save games?

I started on my first game; and now im confused how to handle the player SaveGames. I use google-play-services to persist the user's save games across devices, and I am keeping a local save too. So ...
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Improving bouncing logic - Atari breakout clone

I'm creating an Arkanoid clone using Haxe and Openfl. I'm thinking the bouncing algorithms could be improved. But I'm not sure how to handle those. I was hoping you guys could help. ...
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Composing Neo Geo music

I was listening to some of Neo Geo game music on Youtube the other day and it made me think about creating new music in this style. If I wanted to make a retro-style game today, how would I compose/...
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How can I implement a "Nyan Cat" rainbow?

I'm currently making a game similar to this Nyan Cat flash game, although I'm using cocos2d. I'm having a hard time trying to make the rainbow effect: Currently, every update call I add a piece of ...
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How can I get pre-release reviews of my mobile game?

My iOS and Android game is at its last stage of development. Is there a way for me to get pre-release reviews from people? Or maybe from the press? How should I proceed?
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Some theory questions about classic endless arcade games

I had read in the book "A theory of fun for game design" that once the player realizes that he cannot overpower the computer in anyway (or) the AI is unbeatable (badly designed/coded) he will leave ...
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Making retro games: Any good known game architectures? [closed]

I'm trying to do a remake of Snowbros . I'm doing it using libgdx but at each time i must try to thought how things got done . For example the physics of the jump and collisions . It seams to be ...
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Fades in older games. Need some help figuring out how the algorithm was derived

Sorry, this question is a bit esoteric, but I just can't get it out of my head! I'm looking at the fade algorithm used in the arcade game DoDonPachi (as well as many other older games): I wrote a ...
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