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Replicate Shap.e API How to Save Mesh?

Sorry, I know this isn't really game dev related(but it sorta is because I'm using the Replicate api to generate models for games in Unity lol) But I have a question about API calls. Replicate has an ...
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Google Play requires new apps to have API level 33 (starting on Aug, 21, 2023). Can these apps be installed and played on phones with lower API's?

Today (March 21, 2023), Google sends out an email to developers as follows: Starting August 31, 2023: New apps and app updates must target API level 33 to be submitted to Google Play (Wear OS must ...
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How would you authenticate requests for player specific data in a server authoritative game?

I am creating a server authoritative game that uses a public game service API to manage player specific data in the game. The client will authenticate with the auth server, get a token, then use that ...
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How does Discord get Overwatch 2 player status from APIs?

Discord uses integration and displays player status such as "Playing Overwatch 2". I looked through API documentation and couldn't find an API that would provide such ...
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How to use PUBG API to invite players to my lobby or custom game?

Is there a way to use the PubG API to invite some players to create a party or to invite to a custom game. With this API it's possible?
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regarding about game servers performance and security

I have two options to implement should my game server access the database directly should game server access database via api would it be necessary to abstract the calls via api even though its ...
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How could I put a prefab into a field of a game object using editor API in Unity?

How could I put a prefab into a field of a game object using editor API in Unity? I have a game object. It has a GameObject field. I can drag and drop a prefab from ...
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Unity - change API level

I tried uploading a game to google play. But I got a warning that the API level needs to be changed to a diferent one. I'm not sure how to do that in Unity as I had not configured it before. Can ...
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