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Tracking how many people play my Unity game in which language?

In my game the user can change the language of the game and I'd like to know how many people play it in English, German, etc. I'm using Unity, so possibly I would like to implement in Unity Analytics. ...
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Unity Analytics: I see custom events in funnels, but not in the Event Manager?

I've just started using Unity Analytics, and I send two custom events: level1Started and level2Started. After 1,5 days, the first results came in: The funnels are working, so my custom events do ...
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How do I tag a specific build for sorting/filtering in Unity Performance Reporting?

I am working in a Unity project where there are multiple versions of the app being build from the same code base. The app being built is determined by a Script Define. I want to be able to sort ...
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Reliability of Google Analytics data

I have developed an iOS game and currently the game is in beta phase. I have integrated Google Analytics (GA) to understand the users' behavior. I am distributing the game to my beta testers using ...
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Where did the Unity Market Insights button go in Unity Dashboard?

I'm currently trying to find the Market Insights button in the Unity Dashboard. I'm following this youtube video by Code Monkey called "Make your Game Better with Unity Analytics!" where he ...
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