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How can I give to player points with ajax but secured? [duplicate]

I have a virtual world game that I developed with jQuery, AJAX and PHP. Virutal World like club penguin. Now, I want to add a game into the virtual world - like bubbles or whatever. The main problem ...
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Load game data via ajax [closed]

what are The Best practies To load game data that are Stored in a mysql database? I'm using ajax request. But The async Call is a problem because i can't sync The game level with The data load. And ...
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Arrow buttons not functioning properly [closed]

I have been cobbling something together from different examples that I have seen online I would like to know why is it not just showing 1 button per page and instead showing them all and decreasing ...
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In PHP, how do I implement multiplayer "rooms" for a turn-based game?

I'm working on a multiplayer checkers game. I want to let players choose another connected player and invite him to play. I have a working game engine and rendering, but I'm stuck on the multiplayer ...
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Send request for Turned Based Battle

I want to create a turn based battle system for Pokemon online rpg! I will some how implement the coding of the battle..but I want to know how can a user send request for a battle to other user? If ...
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Is my social game technical solution viable?

I'm currently working on a board social game using HTML5 (canvas) & MVC 4, Azure, Sql server, EF. I'd like to do a server side realtime validation (using Ajax) of a player moves (not more ...
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Web application interacts bi-directional with server program?

I want to write a web application to play chess against the engine Crafty. I'm not new to PHP and javascript, but must learn how to interact with a server process : how can a web application and/or (...
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Game based on Ajax polling for 12 players

I am planning on writing a small browser game. The webserver is a shared server, with no root / install possible. I want to use AJAX for client/server communication. There will be 12 players. So ...
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How do I query a server with visible map tiles? [closed]

In my game, I need to retrieve data of items in the visible tiles based on what tiles are visible in the viewport. I am planning to make a batch AJAX request with the visible tiles, containing image ...
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