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How do I calculate paths for objects with limited acceleration?

For example, say I have a car and a car has a specific minimum turning radius and I want to drive that car from point a to point b, but the car isn't facing point b. How do I compute a path to point ...
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Change in direction should slow down object and accelerate in new heading (2D grid-based)

I'm trying to implement some sort of faux space physics in my 2D game. I have a top down view of my space ship. You can change direction and set a speed up to a maximum which then accelerates the ship ...
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How can I maneuver an AI pirate ship for a sea battle?

I'm trying to picture in my head what would be required to make an AI controlled enemy do the following in a top down pirate sailing game: Approach the player ship Bring player in line with port / ...
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Create a continuous flight path on a Bezier Curve in Unity3d

I am working on a game in which a butterfly is flying along some path. What I am trying to do currently is create a Bezier curve starting from the butterfly's position(previous curves end point) and ...
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Specific path for ai for follow

I have an entity's following details: x, y vx, vy angle to x axis its target I want to reach the target by a parabolic path, how to implement an ai that follow a particular path from any given point ...
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How to calculate distance of travel needed get achieve speed x?

I have a boat traveling at 20 meters/second approaching destination x. Destination x has a range radius of 10 meters. What I would like to do is make sure by the time the boat arrives within 10 meters ...
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How to calculate a movement Vector3 to kill unnecessary momentum and start moving in the right direction?

Imagine a rocket is accelerating in a straight line toward PointA, picking up momentum every frame, then suddenly decides it wants to go toward PointB instead. It can't just turn straight toward ...
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How to navigate a moving 2d spaceship under newtonian mechanics to a point in space?

I am creating a real-time game where ships move through space using basic laws of motion. The ships move by rotating (instantly for our purposes) to an angle and then firing their engine to accelerate....
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Moving ship to new destination when already having a velocity?

Feel free to skip to the bottom and see the actual question. NOTE: Question updated below based on comments I am trying to make a space game and implement basic movement, unlike most, this is a ...
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Calculating spaceship course

There is an idea for (soft) sf strategy game following me for a long time but I need to get a grasp of some math before moving further with it. Lets assume there is a spaceship traveling (in space) ...
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Using physics to maneuver a spaceship through a point with a specific velocity

I've been tinkering with a space simulation. There are ships, and the flight code can modify the velocities and orientations of the ships directly, with limits for maximumSpeedChangePerSec (basically ...
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Rear Propulsion Steering Spline, or what is this called?

What I am looking for is essentially to know what this is, or what I can google to learn how to do it... unless of course the solution is simple. You have an object at the start position facing a ...
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