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How closely can a game legally resemble another?

Most games build on other games' successes and many are downright clones. Where is the limit of imitation before legal issues come into play? Is it down to literary or graphic work like characters and ...
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Can I create a Star Wars game without infringing copyright? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Legal issues for a “fangame” of a commercial franchise? Is it possible to create my own commercial game based on the Star Wars Universe, without any copyright infringement?
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When do I need to ask for permission to recreate an old game? [duplicate]

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Fanmade game copyright? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Legal issues for a “fangame” of a commercial franchise? What if I decide to make a fanmade game from a popular, recent game release? 100% non-profit. I will just ...
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Am I allowed to release a fan-made version of a Trading Card Game on a fansite? [duplicate]

Consider a Trading Card Game that is currently available for play in digital format only, the game in question would be HEX: Shards of Fate, but this question is intended as a general question about ...
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Want to create pokemon fan-game, need advice on copyright [duplicate]

I want to create a pokemon text game. Obviously I will use various stuff that belongs to Nintendo, like pokemon, professor, region names and sprites from the games. Can Nintendo sue me or take down my ...
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Are there copyrights for board game Risk and can I make the game, or similar, for mobile? [duplicate]

are there copyrights for board game Risk? It's popular and with lots of versions floating around, so I don't know if someone has rights or just for specific version. I'm not planning to make money ...
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Personal Custom Card Game [duplicate]

I had the idea, to make a custom card game based off an Anime i like. I was wondering if it would be legal to have such printed out (using a custom card/board game service) for personal use. I would ...
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Can I make a "fan game" with characters of one game that already exists? [duplicate]

(I'm sorry about my english, I'm from Chile) Hi! I'm making a game based on Alone In The Dark, and the history would happen before the events on the game of PS1. However, I would like to make a game ...
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Can I make a Flash version of an actual game? [duplicate]

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is editing images violating copyrights [duplicate]

Lets say I want to build iOS quiz with guessing images, and want to guess pokemons. If I edit image like : is it violating copyrights?
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When does a game idea cross the line between homage/parody to ripoff?

I'm not sure where this question belongs, but as it pertains to the development of a game idea, I figured I'd try to post it here. Recently I've been inspired to create a game based on another game I'...
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Is it legal to add a cameo appearance of a known video game character in my game?

If I am not going to name the character and I use my own original art that very closely resembles a well-known video game character that appears in my game for a very brief moment, is it legal to add ...
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Legally possible to re-create/remake an old game? [duplicate]

Recently I started remaking an old game on Unity. Basically I want to remake an old RPG that was released for Playstation 1. I'm not ripping anything from the old game, all the assets are being ...
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Is it legal to make a game out of a book? [closed]

I want to learn what legal constraints are on the copyrighted material. If I want to make a Quidditch (the fictional game in Harry Potter series) game, should I pay some kind of copyright to the book'...
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