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Bringing a Box2D, Physics Enabled game Online? [duplicate]

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Best practice for frequent sending webSocket/Socketio/webRCT data [duplicate]

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How to write a network game? [closed]

Based on Why is it so hard to develop a MMO?: Networked game development is not trivial; there are large obstacles to overcome in not only latency, but cheat prevention, state management and load ...
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How can I perform a deterministic physics simulation?

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Is it possible to have vehicles with physics like GTA in an MMO game? [closed]

I haven't seen any MMO games with vehicles with realistic physics and that could achieve high speed, why? Is it because of network bandwidth limitations? Second Life has vehicles, but physics are ...
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Lockstep dealing with lag

I understand how properly connected clients in a lockstep model deal with lag but what about the lagger? How does the lagger know that he or she is lagging? Should I continuously ping the central ...
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Implementing game synchronization between clients and server

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When and where should I calculate collision response with multiplayer physics?

I've troubles wrapping my head around multiplayer physics and collisions on the client side, so far I interpolate the state of my network entities ( position and velocity ) of the other clients based ...
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Networking - How does server fixed-timestep work?

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Increase Precision on multiplayer location drawin

I'm building a multiplayer snake-like game with Javascript. I'm having problems with the precision of the opposite players location not reacting fast enough. Which in turns makes the worm "crash", but ...
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