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Arrive steering behavior

I bought a book called Programming game AI by example and I am trying to implement the arrive steering behavior. The problem I am having is that my objects oscillate around the target position; after ...
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How does one prevent homing missiles from orbiting their targets?

I am developing a 2D space game with no friction, and I am finding it very easy to make a homing missile orbit its target. I am curious about anti-orbiting strategies. A simple example is a homing ...
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Implementing vector based movement in a 2d environment

Good evening. I apologize if the title is a bit vague, I really could not come up with anything better. I am currently reading a book called the nature of code and as a side project, I am working on ...
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How can I calculate the future position of my moving object?

I'm relatively new to games development and I have a 2D game where the playing area is an enclosed rectangle with width w and infinite height. In the playing area there is a ball. A gravity force of ...
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how to calculate initial Y velocity required to reach target?

I am trying to calculate the y velocity necessary for my player character to jump up and reach a y position within 1 second. Given that my game engine is at 60fps, I am doing: ...
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Calculating required force for pushing a body to a desired position at once in Unity [duplicate]

In a 3D world I simulate that a coin is being pushed over a plane (applying a force in his rigidbody where y-axis = 0) using a top-down view. Some time ago but using Box2D, I was able to calculate ...
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Find Initial Velocity for Parabolic Arc with Fixed Angle that Crosses Target Position

In my game I want skeletons to occasionally lob bones at the player. The player can be anywhere in relation to the skeleton (above or below, to the left or right), and I want the skeletons to throw a ...
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Launch Velocity for Simple 3D Projectile [duplicate]

This is a pretty easy question, but I can't quite figure out the answer. I have: The initial position of a projectile. The gravity vector. The (stationary) target I want to hit. A maximum launch ...
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Accelerated movement in a specific time to a specific point

I am trying to move my sprite in a specific time to a specific position while using frame-independent or time-dependent movement. My sprite is also accelerated every frame to simulate gravity. I know ...
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Movement & arriving using forces

3D. Given a point mass m, inital position p0 initial velocity v0, and a desired location d, how do I apply forces (with magnitude no greater then fMax) to move m to d and stop. I know how to apply ...
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