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What designs are there for a component based entity system that are user friendly but still flexible?

I've been interested in the component based entity system for a while, and read countless articles on it (The Insomiac games, the pretty standard Evolve Your Hierarchy, the T-Machine, Chronoclast ... ...
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"The Game Object" - and component-based design

I've been working on some hobby projects the last 3-4 years. Just simple 2d and 3d games. But lately I have started a bigger project. Soo in the last couple of months I've been trying to design a game ...
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What is an appropriate level of granularity for component-based architecture?

I'm working on a game with a component-based architecture. An Entity owns a set of Component instances, each of which has a set ...
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How are physics or graphics components typically built in a component-oriented system?

I have spent the last 48 hours reading up on Object Component systems, and feel I am ready enough to start implementing it. I got the base Object and Component classes created, but now that I need to ...
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How to implement behavior in a component-based game architecture?

I am starting to implement player and enemy AI in a game, but I am confused about how to best implement this in a component-based game architecture. Say I have a following player character that can ...
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How to properly handle collision in a component-based game?

Trying to wrap my head around the ways to properly handle collision in a game designed around components. I see many examples have some sort of PhysicsComponent ...
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Component-Based System online resources [closed]

I've been considering moving to a more component-based approach in my games. Does anyone else have any decent reference material or sample implementations that would help make this transition a little ...
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How can I design an effective game object interaction scheme with a component-based architecture?

This is a design question... I'm sure this could be generalized more, but I'm having a hard time with it. I am wondering about design for game object interactions - here is my example (2D puzzle-...
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Component-based design: handling objects interaction

I'm not sure how exactly objects do things to other objects in a component based design. Say I have an Obj class. I do: ...
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Is there any option other than Component Based for game architecture?

Having read a lot recently on Component Based systems (for games), i find it hard to go back to my earlier state of mind. If static object hierarchies fail to model "objects with a dynamic set of ...
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Getting Started with Component Architecture: DI?

TLDR: if I have entities like Ship and Bullet and components like Positionable and ...
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