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How are voxel terrain engines made?

A few days ago I found something called voxel terrains and I think that they're pretty cool. But I don't know anything generating them. Do you model it in your modeling software or use something like ...
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Huge procedurally generated 'wilderness' worlds

I'm sure you all know of games like Dwarf Fortress - massive, procedural generated wilderness and land. Something like this, taken from this very useful article. However, I was wondering how I could ...
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Random map generation

I'm starting/started a 2D tilemap RPG game in Java and I want to implement random map generation. I have a list of different tiles, (dirt/sand/stone/grass/gravel etc) along with water tiles and path ...
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How to generate caves that resemble those of Minecraft?

I've been working on a 3D procedural world for a while now and am wanting to start adding cave systems. I'm currently using 2D/3D Perlin Noise for the terrain generation in combination with Marching ...
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How is a 3d perlin noise function used to generate terrain?

I can wrap my head around using a 2d perlin noise function to generate the height value but I don't understand why a 3d perlin noise function would be used. In Notch's blog,
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Simple noise generation

I'm looking to generate noise that looks like this: (images courtesy of Understanding Perlin Noise) I'm basically looking for noise with lots of small "ripples". The following is undesirable: Are ...
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How to generate random level from a seed? [closed]

How would I go about using a random seed to generate a game level? The same seed should always generate the exact same level. For this example it would be a Worms style level. So each level would ...
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Correct way to "randomly" generate flowing terrain

I'm creating a simple top down RTS game. I plan on it "randomly" generating maps on the fly when I need to. I plan on it all working in 'passes': Fill the terrain in with all grass Go back and add ...
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C# Perlin noise - generating “endless” terrain chunks?

I'm currently writing a little side scroller in C#, to both learn C# and have fun. Right now I have a simple random number generator generating the world but it isn't exactly all that great - so with ...
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Procedural terrains in 3D: what has been done ? Are there common algo and/or theories about it? [closed]

Besides programming, modeling an environment takes a great deal of time. I don't know about the work time involved, for example, in a WoW dungeon level, or other beautiful city-like, future ...
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How to remove floating terrain when generated with 3D Perlin Noise?

I'm currently using 3D Perlin Noise to generate random terrain in combination with Marching Cubes. My issue seems to lie in scaling the noise function to get reasonable heights in my terrain. If ...
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Voxel heightmap terrain editor

I've recently been experimenting with a simple Voxel-based 3d engine (think Minecraft) which uses heightmaps to define terrain in the following format: Does ...
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How can I generate a terrain heightmap from the perlin algorithm?

How can I generate a terrain heightmap from the perlin algorithm? I am trying to make a terrain generator (like World Machine). This is the source code I have for the perlin. The only thing that I can'...
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Random World Generator

I'm a new game developer. I am working on my first game at the moment. It's sort of a Risk like game, but I have added my own elements. Also sort of Starcraft inspired. I want a random world generator ...
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