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How do you add a scripting language to a game?

Let's say I have a game written in C++. But I want to add some modding or scripting functionality to it. How would one go about adding a scripting functionality to your game?
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How can I implement smart scripting, in my game?

I'm developing a game engine. It is supposed to be an entity/components based one. For developing my game, itself, I thought to use some scripting language to actually create the entities. For ...
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Game engine: a decent way, architecture-wise, to implement scripting support?

I am developing a simple game engine (in C#, if it matters), and I can't think of a decent enough way to implement scripting in terms of architecture. It's a simple turn-based strategy with custom, ...
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What scripting language would you recommend for a C++ game project? [closed]

By scripting here I mean not just putting config data in a script, but scripting parts of the project like some class methods, test specific game loop, etc. This would be not just to accelerate ...
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When would I use "scripts" or "scripting" in a game, as opposed to the core language?

The terms scripts and scripting appear to be used interchangeably on the Game Development Stack Exchange, but other than reading questions about a scripting language choice, I don't understand the ...
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Domain-specific languages for scripting [closed]

As most of you know, embedded interpreters for languages like Lua and Python are widely used for scripting game logic, but I haven't seen much information on people going with domain-specific ...
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Simple scripting language for "one-liner"-type scripts? [closed]

Can you recommend a scripting language which allows me to easily parse "one-liner" types of scripts (they're just commands, really)? For example, a C/C++ function which simply sets the value of a 2-...
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Scripting language with class instance support

I have come across the need to use a scripting engine for my C++ game, but after experimenting with many languages since the last few days, nothing has truly stood out as the obvious choice for a ...
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Game Scripting Example in any scripting language

If i have to create a Battle System for a game which is like Final Fantasy 10 Turn Based battle system or Shadow Hearts Ring Based Battle System and likewise. How should i start with scripting a ...
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Python library for scripting (C++ integration)

Please advise me good wrapper/library for python. I need to implement simple scripting in c++ app; Under "good" I mean pretty understandable, well documented, no memory leaking, fast. For creating ...
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