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What is a 'Mask' in Game development?

What does it mean a 'mask' in 2D (and possibly 3D) Game development? What would an experience Game Dev understands if I say ´make this Rect a mask´? I know it could be a very broad term and it may ...
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Colour intersection of two alpha-blended sprites

In XNA, is it possible to merge two alpha blended sprites so they look like one contiguous shape, eliminating the merge of colour at the overlap? At the moment when I try, the intersection is quite ...
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help using image to overlay grayscale around player

I'm sorry for the confusing title but it is hard to explain in one sentence. This is what I have What I want to do is use that black overlay to convert everything in the black area to grayscale. ...
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Lighting Covering Up Sky ( XNA / C# )

I have a 2D tile-based lighting system which is drawn onto a Render Target. I am also drawing a background which involves mountains, sun/moon, and clouds. There is also the unlit game; blocks, ...
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Overlay partially transparent texture onto another, but not the background

I'm using XNA and C#. I have two shapes (texture2ds), and I want to overlay shape 2 (50% transparent square) over shape 1 (opaque circle), but I want to get Option B, not Option A. I basically want ...
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Rendering lighting only on specific objects

I have done something similar to this in monogame: My question is, what would I have to do to draw that lighting effect only on the pillar and not the background ? Is there something like ignoring ...
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Transparency temporarily lost from a rendertarget when drawn to for one frame

I have a transparent RenderTarget2D that I draw every frame. Before the first frame is drawn to the screen, an image is drawn to the render target. The image also contains some transparent pixels. ...
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Masking away part of image with mesh

I need to remove a section of an image using a 2D mesh. Since the image is destructible (artillery game style), it would be helpful to shrink the image in memory afterward. The portion in the blue ...
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How to load a simple minimap, and hide the background?

I developed a small and simple 3D games minecraft style. I would add a "MiniMap". Until here everything is fine. I had the idea to load the entire map in the background, and then I added the edge of ...
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How to mask 2D tile sprites

I want to use masking technique to be able to reuse tiles. Basically I have the base texture and an array of masking textures for different corners and positions and want to combine the two to get a ...
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