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MVC or Components, or both?

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Component-Based System online resources [closed]

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How to design a game's software such that it is easy to unit test?

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Applicability of Business Architectures in XNA 4

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Unit selection - logic & screen communication

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Design pattern on class level, how to do separation of concerns through mvc or alike?

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Design suggestions for my Entity module

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Is Test Driven Development viable in game development?

As being Scrum certified, I tend to prone for Agile methodologies while developping a system, and even use some canvas from the Scrum framework to manage my day-to-day work. Besides, I am wondering ...
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Experiences of test-driven devleopment in large projects

I've used TDD in personal projects, but I wondered if anyone had any experience of using this approach across a large team? Was there resistence to the test-first approach? Did you keep code coverage ...