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Detailed Modern Opengl Tutorial? [duplicate]

I am asking for a specific modern opengl tutorial. I need a tutorial that does not skip to explain any lines of code. It should also include different independent objects moving/rotating (most ...
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OpenGL Learning Material (that's up to date) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are some good learning resources for OpenGL? Good resources for learning modern OpenGL (3.0 or later)? So im sure there are topics on this, but alot of them list older ...
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Modern opengl for direct3d programmers [duplicate]

I don't think this is quite the same questions as this one but if you disagree feel free to close this :) With SteamOS being announced yesterday I can see that it's entirely possible that opengl will ...
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Is learning OpenGL 2.1 useless today?

I'm new to 3D OpenGL/DirectX world and I found out that OpenGL 4.1 and GLSL specifications were just released today. A friend of mine gave me the Red Book for OGL v2.1 but, as far as I've read, 3.x ...
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OpenGL: VBO or glBegin() + glEnd()?

I recently was given this link to a tutorial site from someone who I gave the original OGL Redbook to. The third header down says distinctly to forget glBegin() & glEnd() as the typical render ...
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Where to start learning OpenGL with C++? [duplicate]

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searching for "university kind" free online course about OPENGL [closed]

I know there are a lot of free university courses, but I'm trying to find one about OpenGL. Do you know where can I find one, online?
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OpenGL Get Rotated X and Y of quad

I am developing a game in 2D using LWJGL library. So far I have a rotating box. I have done basic Rectangle collision, but it doesn't work for rotated rectangles. Does OpenGL have a function that ...
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Lights system with shaders in OpenGL?

In more than just 1 occasion, i read about 2 ways of doing a light's system in OpenGL: normal way? i don't know how to call this one with the shaders ( GLSL ) The problem is i don't get the ...
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Proper opengl learning curve + tools [closed]

My first post here, so at first i would like to say HI to everyone! Had a course of computer graphics at my uni and got interested with opengl. Unfortunatelly we used it with java + jogl + some funky ...
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