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Nested Entities in Entity Component Systems (ECS) [duplicate]

Say I have an entity that has these components: -Transformation -Visual Imagine that these components can nest: If I have a parent transformation component, a child transformation relies on the ...
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Are there existing FOSS component-based frameworks? [closed]

The component based game programming paradigm is becoming much more popular. I was wondering, are there any projects out there that offer a reusable component framework? In any language, I guess I don'...
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In an Entity-Component-System Engine, How do I deal with groups of dependent entities?

After going over a few game design patterns, I have settle with Entity-Component-System (ES System) for my game engine. I've reading articles (mainly T=Machine) and review some source code and I ...
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Why is it a bad idea to store methods in Entities and Components? (Along with some other Entity System questions.)

This is a followup to this question, which I answered, but this one tackles with a much more specific subject. This answer helped me understand Entity Systems even better than the article. I've read ...
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How to make a game without OOP? [closed]

I am currenty studying game development and practicing making games. I use a lot of OOP in my games. For example, each missile that is shot is an instance of a ...
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Entity System and rendering

Okey, what I know so far; The entity contains a component(data-storage) which holds information like; - Texture/sprite - Shader - etc And then I have a renderer system which draws all this. But ...
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What is a pure ECS?

What is a "pure" ECS? What makes an ECS pure or not? Although the term appears to have come up since as early as 2013 in this community, it appears that often, a user asking a question feels the need ...
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How can I efficiently implement a bitmask larger than 64-bits for component existence checks?

In my ECS implementation, I use bit-wise operations (as described and illustrated in this thread) to tell an entity what type of components it currently consists of. So my ...
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When/where to update components

Instead of my usual inheritance heavy game engines I'm toying with a more component based approach. However I have a hard time justifying where to let the components do their thing. Say I have a ...
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Grouping entities of the same component set into linear memory

We start from the basic systems-components-entities approach. Let's create assemblages (term derived from this article) merely out of information about types of components. It is done dynamically at ...
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Logic in Entity Components Systems

I'm making a game that uses an Entity/Component architecture basically a port of Artemis's framework to c++,the problem arises when I try to make a PlayerControllerComponent, my original idea was this....
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Should each Entity have its own update and render methods?

First, the questions: Should each Entity (which are classes like Character, Tree, Enemy) have its own update() and render() methods? If that's the case, then should I use Interfaces like "Renderable" ...
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Inheritance Hierarchy and Design -- avoiding multiple inheritance

I am working on a 3D game, and need some advice about how to best design and structure my code so that I achieve what I'm going for without using bad practices like multiple inheritance. Basically ...
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Rendering order in an Entity System

Say I use a basic ES approach, and also inside Systems I hold lists of all entities that Systems are required to process. How do I maintain this list of entities in desired rendering order, i.e. for ...
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Visitor-pattern vs inheritance for rendering

I have a game engine that currently uses inheritance to provide a generic interface to do rendering: class renderable { public: void render(); }; Each class ...
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