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Algorithm for continuously generating a tile map for a topdown 2D game? [duplicate]

In essence, what I'm looking for is a procedural 2D tilemap continuously generated in a fashion like Minecraft - which is to say generated as the player approaches the edges of the already explored ...
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Algorithms for rainfall + river creation in procedurally generated terrain

I've recently become fascinated by the things that can be done with procedurally terrain and have started experimenting with world building a bit. I'd like to be able to make worlds something like ...
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How can I create a random "world" in a tile engine?

I am designing a game that is working on a classic tile engine, but whose world is generated randomly. Are there existing games or algorithms that do this? The procedural generation algorithms I have ...
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How can I identify feature regions in a procedurally generated world?

I'm building an Island. I use the classical heightmap solution : with a hill-building function, avoiding the corners of the map, I make altitude. Then, perlin noise give me some climatic variables to ...
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How do I create tileable solid noise for map generation?

Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how to generate tileable fractals in code (for game maps, but that's irrelevant) I've been trying to modify the Solid Noise plug-in shipped with GIMP (with my ...
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Random World Generation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How are voxel terrain engines made? I'm making a game like minecraft (although a different idea) but I need a random world generator for a 1024 block wide and 256 block tall ...
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How to create biomes

I am creating an 2D XNA Tile Based Platformer. I have a tile engine and a world/terrain generator. However, I am trying to create biomes or areas, For example, Desert in one part of the world, ocean ...
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How do I randomly generate a top-down 2D level with separate sections and is infinite?

I've read many other questions/answers about random level generation but most of them deal with either randomly/proceduraly generating 2D levels viewed from the side or 3D levels. What I'm trying to ...
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Smooth Biome transitions with tile map?

I'm using a simplex noise system to generate height maps for an "infinite" 2d world map. It works perfectly - I can define which tile belongs at which height value, etc. However, I'm trying to add in ...
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Perlin Noise Variations [duplicate]

Currently I'm making a voxel survival game. About a month ago I embarked on procedurally generating terrain using Perlin noise. I understand how to use and apply it for the most part. However I do not ...
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How do I use this Perlin Noise texture to change the mesh?

Using the Unity docs page on Perlin noise, I made this script: ...
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How to generate interresting procedural terrain [closed]

I work on a voxel-like game, and I have finally managed to create some basic terrain generation using simplex noise. Heres what it looks like: Sure I can generate different kind of terrains (more or ...
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Placing tiles on 2D Simplex noise [duplicate]

I have been experimenting with 2D Simplex noise for a mini-project and while I cannot say I understand the maths behind it, I begin to feel quite confident with how I can manipulate it to get ...
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