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why is Lua so important ( frequently used ) in game development [duplicate]

I have written some small games for fun myself, but never used Lua myself. I have seen people discussing Lua's use in games everywhere. The question is: What benefit can I get from using Lua in game ...
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How useful would it be to know a scripting language when developing an iOS game? [duplicate]

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The point of using a scripting language [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do we use scripts in development? Im wondering, why do people use scripting languages like Lua or Python in game engines when we can use CLI/C++ or C# interpreters?
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What are the main reasons to use scripting in games? [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand the appeal to scripting in large games. Is it ease of development by avoiding lower level coding like C++? Thus avoiding the long compile times? It seems scripting doesn't ...
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Scripting Language for Java and its uses? [duplicate]

So I am going to work on a Java game and recently my friend suggested I use a scripting language to help development go smoother/faster. so far I used XML as data storage and to make the HUD/UI but ...
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What are the pros and cons of incorporating Lua into a C++ game?

I have a C++ game programming book and it has a Lua section in it. I've started to read the Lua section, and it sounds interesting, but I can't determine the pros and cons of using Lua in my C++ game. ...
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When would I use "scripts" or "scripting" in a game, as opposed to the core language?

The terms scripts and scripting appear to be used interchangeably on the Game Development Stack Exchange, but other than reading questions about a scripting language choice, I don't understand the ...
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Would using Lua scripts to define game logic for an MMO server be a lot slower than compiled in C++?

I am using an entity system for my MMO server and I was thinking about defining the behavior of "actions" using Lua scripts. The server is written in C++. I am not very familiar with the speed/memory ...
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Lua or C# beneficial over C++ for small, single person project? [closed]

I plan to do a fairly small game development project as a single programmer. I have read that alternatives to C++ such as C# or integrating Lua scripts is more time and effort efficient in development....
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Which parts of game should belong to engine and which should belong to scripts?

Often, a game is split into engine code (i.e. C++) and scripts (i.e. Lua). Which parts / modules of game code should typically belong to engine, and which should belong typically to script-domain ...
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Why are games using interpreted languages instead of compiling code into libraries and calling them at runtime?

Say I want to include a game mechanic where players are invited to code up some algorithm to control robots which would defeat the enemy and protect the tower efficiently. Most games I've seen to ...
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