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Can I use the names or logos of real football teams in my game? [duplicate]

I am developing a football game and I want to know if it is legal to name teams after real football teams. What about their logos?
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Using real football player photo in a trivia quiz game, is it legal? [duplicate]

I don't know whether this question was already been asked before, but my team is currently developing a trivia quiz game about football (soccer not NFL). And we want to put player's images or club ...
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Can i use Soccer/football team names in my web, iphone and android apps? [duplicate]

If i don't use logos, player names, sponsors or any images can i use team names in a for profit app? The reason i mention these is that i have seen countless references to images and badges but not ...
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Soccer Game only with National Team names (country names) what about player names? [duplicate]

Ok...this question hasn't been asked before, its very similar to some, but here's the difference: I am making a soccer/football simulator game, that only has national teams (with no official logos) ...
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Legal issues with nba player names, profiles, logos? [duplicate]

I am searching for this topic and I found a similar question asked check here: Legal issues around using real players names and team emblems in an open source game however I have specific questions ...
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How "fake" do invented names of a football game have to be in order to avoid copyright infringement?

I know that real player names cannot be used in videogames unless the authorization (generally very expensive) has been given by the holders of the rights (players, teams etc.) as explained here and ...
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Does it require any license to use soccer players and teams names in a paid or free game?

I would like to know if any license is required to use Fifa registered team names and player names in paid or free games (e.g. Spanish League teams, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo names etc). I'm currently ...
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Issues using real names in a soccer player game [duplicate]

Is illegal to use the real player and team names in a game? When I say game could be and desktop, mobile or fantasy game. If is illegal, is ok to change a little bit names? Instead of using Messi ...
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Using real-life names in fantasy league

I am looking into creating a fantasy soccer league, where users can create their own virtual team of real-life soccer players. The performance the virtual team depends on how those soccer players ...
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Using real football (soccer) names from the past?

Is it legal to use really old names in a manager style game? It there an expiration on name license rights?
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