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Aim at moving target (or predicting target's position at time it takes for projectile to hit it) [duplicate]

I have a game where I know the location and velocity of my target. I know my own location and the speed of my projectile. I want to determine either the location of the intersection between my ...
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Moving Object Interception / Projectile Collision [duplicate]

I am using Unity to attempt to have missile A launch at incoming missile B and blow it up. However in order to do this accurately, A must be able to take into account B's current velocity, direction ...
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Calculating minimum velocity of the projectile needed to hit target in parabolic arc

If I have a point which I want to hit at the end or during a parabolic arc, how would I calculate the needed x and y velocity?
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Predicting enemy position in order to have an object lead its target

In my 2D game I have AI turrets that should assist the player by automatically firing towards enemies. I would like to make them fire intelligently and lead their target instead of just targeting an ...
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Find meeting point of 2 objects in 2D, knowing (constant) speed and slope

I have a gun which fires a projectile that has to hit an enemy. The problem is that the gun has to be automatic, i.e. - choose the angle in which it has to shoot, so that the projectile hits the enemy ...
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How can I determine trajectory from distance and time, without initial velocity?

I'm attempting to develop a Mortar that needs to lead it's shot to the target enemy. The shot will have a pre-determined constant flight time of (2.5 seconds) and it will have where the enemy should ...
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Aim projectile to intercept moving target from a moving ship

So I have created spaceship shooter game where ships have turrets on them . Now I want those turrets to shoot a moving target meaning I want the projectile to intercept and hit the target that is ...
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How to target moving object in 2D game

I am working on targeting system for 2D game. Two objects move in space. Each one have Position and Velocity vector. Ship object shoots moving objects in space. Ship can shoot in any direction, but ...
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Find the direction a Projectile should be fired from a Moving Object to hit another moving Object?

I am trying to do a simple AI Controller, which fires Missiles at the surrounding targets in the Scene. The AI Controller can fire projectiles when moving or stationary. The Targets are either ...
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Accelerating Missile guidence

Background I'm building a simple game where two ships are launching missiles at each other in space. Stuff got complicated when the ships started moving in a frictionless environment and the missiles ...
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Leading a target with edge casting

I am trying to write a movement prediction code. I have found the quadratic method with these topics: [1]: How to calculate shot angle and velocity to hit a moving target? [2]: http://...
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