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Using Quaternions: What can I do with them? (without the maths)

I am a Game Developer and did not study Mathematics. So I only want to use Quaternions as a tool. And to be able to work with 3D rotation, it's necessary to use Quaternions (Or Matrixes, but let's ...
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Switch axes and handedness of a quaternion?

I have a quaternion, coming from a system with the following:(intertial sensor) ...
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Converting a quaternion in a right to left handed coordinate system [duplicate]

I have a quaternion from an IMU that id like to represent in unity. The issue is that the sensor uses a right handed coordinate system while unity uses a left handed coordinate system. In order to ...
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Quaternion Rotation - Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise?

when we specify a Quaternion as (axis of rotation, rotation amount), in which 'direction' is the rotation, assuming we are looking down the rotation axis (i.e. ...
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Calculate average of arbitrary amount of quaternions (recursion)

Simply calculate the average for 2 Quaternions should work like follows right? : ...
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Euler (right-handed) to Quaternion (left-handed) conversion in Unity

I'm having trouble figuring out the proper conversions from Euler angles to Quaternions. The Eulers come from BVH files, which use a right-handed coordinate system (Y is up, Z is forward) and can have ...
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LookRotation function for Z-up, right handed system

I am rendering graphics myself using OpenGL, therefore I need to implement math library myself. I am looking for function Quaternion::LookRotation(forward, up), ...
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How to access rotation-Z value in script?

My script(MouseLookController) is attached to a GameObject and I want to limit it's rotation between 90deg and -90deg.(Rotation is 40 deg in example image) Problem is I can't access this value to ...
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How to make a capsule Rigidbody player "kick" a Rigidbody sphere (ball) in Unity?

I am just learning the basics of physics simulation with rigidbodies. I am trying to simulate some basic real world functions like kicking a ball. Let's say I have a simple capsule mesh/collider as my ...
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360 degree Shooting using Pythagoras problem Unity 2D C#

I have used pythagoras to give the bullet a velocity in the bullet class. Velocity is applied when Instantiated(); ...
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Character rotation jitters when looking around

I want my character to walk around sphere like a planet, so in my script I rotate it according to the normal of a raycast and I also rotate my character on the Y axis when I look around with the mouse....
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Sensor quaternion to Unity conversion [duplicate]

I want to convert rotations given as quaternion from sensors to Unity. The sensors (documentation here) axis are the following ones: Unity is the following one: I don't know how to map axis other ...
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How to properly get the x-axis value among the data of the smartphone's gyro sensor in Unity

I want to load x, y, z data using the IMU sensor of the smartphone. Input_gyro_attitude_eulerAngles = Input.gyro.attitude.eulerAngles - Offset; // gyro angle ...
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How do I represent a MD5-mesh bone (quaternion orientation)

Going off this link about the MD5Mesh file format, I see a bone is represented as: ...
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Quaternion representing rotation from shoulder to hand

I am provided with 3 quaternions. One for the shoulder, one for the elbow, and one for the hand. What I want is to obtain a single quaternion representing the rotation from the shoulder to the hand, ...
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