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Is it legally possible to make a clone of the game?

With board games like "Monopoly", "Domino", "Checkers", or "Chess", can game developers make clones and sell them? Also, can I make a clone of ZX Spectrum games? Are there many parts of the game with ...
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Legal issues for a "fangame" of a commercial franchise? [duplicate]

I've played around in the past of the 2D Flash fan-made version of the popular Valve game Portal. It has basically the exact same mechanics, but as a 2D side-view flash game. Lately I've toyed ...
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What to consider legally when cloning an old game? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How closely can a game resemble another game without legal problems I'm going to make a game in the form of a 100% free Android phone app that will be basically a clone of an ...
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How do I get Apple to pull an App that violates a copyright?

A friend of mine has had his Flash game stolen and published on the iPhone app store without his consent. What is the best way to get Apple's attention about this?
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Intellectual rights to game concepts [duplicate]

For a client I might be making a small puzzle game about getting a item out of a puzzle. The concept will strongly resemble this game :
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When does a game idea cross the line between homage/parody to ripoff?

I'm not sure where this question belongs, but as it pertains to the development of a game idea, I figured I'd try to post it here. Recently I've been inspired to create a game based on another game I'...
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What constitutes satire? [closed]

For business reasons, I would like to know what constitutes satire in a game. Also, is there a better place to ask questions like this on the business side of game development?
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Should I talk about my game concept?

I have what I think is a great idea for a small android game. It might be crap, but for the sake of the discussion, let's assume it is potentially good. I'm currently learning game development as a ...
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When do I need to ask for permission to recreate an old game? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How closely can a game resemble another game without legal problems Legal issues for a "fangame" of a commercial franchise? I want to do a mobile version of an ...
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Would using Minesweeper as a part of my game be illegal?

I want to use Minesweeper for a part of my game and I want to know if it's legal or not.
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Is it okay to copy a game's formula? (damage, etc) [duplicate]

Is it okay to copy a game's formula? Formulas like damage formulas, taking the stats STR, DEX, INT, critical rate, etc. into account. Specifically I want to copy Ragnarok Online's damage calculation. ...
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Tetris Copyright Issues? [duplicate]

I am making a Tetris clone with a new idea but I won't use the Tetris or Tetriminos name in the game I will refer to them as Tetrominos. Will there be copyright issues if I release this game? Does the ...
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Is there any level design copyright?

I am planing to develop a game, in fact a puzzle game, I have changed the graphics but the level design is all the same. For example, the original puzzle game have five aliens as the obstacle in the ...
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Can I legally use retro video game music in a quiz game?

I am considering making a video game music quiz game, where you guess the game that the music is taken from. For example from NES and SNES games. In that regard I was wondering if anyone know of any ...
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What are the legal considerations with using spritesheets? [duplicate]

If you google for sprites sheets, you'll find a lot of sprites sheets. As far as I can remember, industrial patents (the terms may not be the right ones I'm sorry), after 20 years, fall into public ...
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