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Can I get around a Pokemon copyright with new art and minor changes? [duplicate]

If I develop a game that is essentially pretty much Pokemon (you're a trainer, you catch "monsters" and put them to fight and level up etc), and I do the next things: I'm a trainer with a 6-"Monsters"...
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Copyright of some arcade classics [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How closely can a game resemble another game without legal problems So suppose I'm currently developing a variant of a snakes game for the iPhone, and you decided to call it "...
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When does a game idea cross the line between homage/parody to ripoff?

I'm not sure where this question belongs, but as it pertains to the development of a game idea, I figured I'd try to post it here. Recently I've been inspired to create a game based on another game I'...
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Who owns the intellectual property to Fragile Allegiance? [closed]

Fragile Allegiance was developed by Gremlin Interactive, which was later acquired by Infogrames (Atari). I couldn't find any details of the acquisition though. The only interesting thing I have found ...
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How do I get Apple to pull an App that violates a copyright?

A friend of mine has had his Flash game stolen and published on the iPhone app store without his consent. What is the best way to get Apple's attention about this?
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Can I Base My Game on Another Game and Earn Money? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How closely can a game resemble another game without legal problems I want make a game similar to Pocket Tanks but for Android and then sell it. Since I am not directly ...
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Is there any level design copyright?

I am planing to develop a game, in fact a puzzle game, I have changed the graphics but the level design is all the same. For example, the original puzzle game have five aliens as the obstacle in the ...
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Legal issues for a "fangame" of a commercial franchise? [duplicate]

I've played around in the past of the 2D Flash fan-made version of the popular Valve game Portal. It has basically the exact same mechanics, but as a 2D side-view flash game. Lately I've toyed ...
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