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Can i copy exactly same character from league of legends? [duplicate]

Lets say i will copy exactly same mechanic of a character from the game "league of legends" or Copying puzzles from another games. But changed assets etc. Is it illegal ?
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Copyright/trademark protections of character classes

I want to create a game that uses character classes from World of Warcraft. Are the classes protected by copyright/trademark law? For instance WoW has a Warlock class that is essentially a spell-...
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Would programming a feature similar to another game be copying? [duplicate]

I've been, very slowly, working on a game similar to Minecraft and Hytale, and when I am at the point, include features similar to these mods: Dynamic Trees Dynamic Surroundings Tough As Nails Better ...
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Would using Minesweeper as a part of my game be illegal?

I want to use Minesweeper for a part of my game and I want to know if it's legal or not.
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can I legally make a "RTX game"

I'm making a game called "karlson RTX", a remake of the game "karlson" by danidev, but it has "RTX" in the name and the game starts with a the way it's meant to be played ...
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Is it possible to clone a game, and make modifiactions to it?

I basically want to know whether or not it is possible to copy a mobile game and make it into a new game by modifying it . I want to be able to access , moderation tools and basically alter, things ...
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How much of a game can be protected by law? [duplicate]

I want to remake an old multiplayer game in commercial way and I wonder how different my game has to be not to violate some IP rights. I know so far that name and logo are registered trademarks of the ...
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Can I report someone for cloning my game?

I recently found out that someone cloned my game from 2018 (2d, pixel art, here: that was on iOS, made it in 3d for android (here:
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I am creating a Tetris clone on Khanacademy, will I get into trouble? [duplicate]

For those don't know, Khanacademy is an education site that also has lessons on simple computer programming and allows you to publish your own games that are made on the website.
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Game Similarity Legal Consequences [duplicate]

I'm already half a year into planning a Turn Based Strategy (4X) game for mobile phones. Recently I tried to play Civilization 6 and while playing, totally horrified, I realized that my idea and Civ 6 ...
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How to know if a game concept is "different enough"? [duplicate]

For the past year or so, I've been designing a top-down zombie shooter game. However, after playing a 2d top-down battle royale game, it's given me inspiration to build a similar game. The graphics ...
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Is it ok to remake a 2D game into first person and then releasing it for free? [duplicate]

I saw a video online where someone made a first person version of flappy bird, so I was wondering... If I were to remake a 2D game into a 3D game and change the perspective to first person, and then ...
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Can I use HL2 Assets in my free Godot game? [duplicate]

I couldn't find some good textures for my Godot game, so I am looking forward using Half-Life 2 assets. I have HL2 in my library on Steam. Can I use those assets in my game?
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Can I legally use mechanics from a game that is removed from the store? [duplicate]

There was a mobile (android, ios) card game that I really liked playing. Last year, the game was removed from the store and noone were able to play it. The company is still up. That game had a really ...
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Is it legal to imitate a game without publishing it

If you're developing a game that's very similar to a game that's already published, both the game mechanics and the graphics but you're not publishing it, instead you're keeping it in your own ...
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