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When does a game idea cross the line between homage/parody to ripoff?

I'm not sure where this question belongs, but as it pertains to the development of a game idea, I figured I'd try to post it here. Recently I've been inspired to create a game based on another game I'...
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Is there any level design copyright?

I am planing to develop a game, in fact a puzzle game, I have changed the graphics but the level design is all the same. For example, the original puzzle game have five aliens as the obstacle in the ...
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Should I talk about my game concept?

I have what I think is a great idea for a small android game. It might be crap, but for the sake of the discussion, let's assume it is potentially good. I'm currently learning game development as a ...
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Can I legally use retro video game music in a quiz game?

I am considering making a video game music quiz game, where you guess the game that the music is taken from. For example from NES and SNES games. In that regard I was wondering if anyone know of any ...
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When are games legal to mod? [closed]

I'm just curious when and what games are legal to mod and what are the processes I must follow to keep the mod project from becoming illegal. To be specific i'm trying to do a side project while in ...
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Can I legally make a free clone of a game and use the same name? [closed]

I gather from Is it legally possible to make a clone of the game? and How closely can a game legally resemble another? that I should not try to profit from a clone if it is using the same assets, and, ...
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Can I use sounds from UT2004?

What if I use some sounds from the game Unreal Tournament 2004? I can export them from .uax archives via UnrealED tool into .wav ...
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Making a clone of Starcraft legal?

My question is similar to a previous question. Consider the following clone of Starcraft: Change the artwork, sound, music, change the names of units. However, leave the unit hit points unchanged, ...
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Who owns the intellectual property to Fragile Allegiance? [closed]

Fragile Allegiance was developed by Gremlin Interactive, which was later acquired by Infogrames (Atari). I couldn't find any details of the acquisition though. The only interesting thing I have found ...
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What are the legal considerations with using spritesheets? [duplicate]

If you google for sprites sheets, you'll find a lot of sprites sheets. As far as I can remember, industrial patents (the terms may not be the right ones I'm sorry), after 20 years, fall into public ...
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What constitutes satire? [closed]

For business reasons, I would like to know what constitutes satire in a game. Also, is there a better place to ask questions like this on the business side of game development?
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How not to break licence laws? [closed]

I have an idea for a game. Also I have almost everything worked out considering coding. What interests me the most is how can I know if that game can be published. As it would be for iOS and android,...
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Is it legal to imitate a game without publishing it

If you're developing a game that's very similar to a game that's already published, both the game mechanics and the graphics but you're not publishing it, instead you're keeping it in your own ...
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Can I use the graphics or music of an abandoned game in my game?

I was wondering that if a game has been officially closed by the owner can I use their graphics or music they used in their game?
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Does this constitute as copyright infringement?

Say there is a card game, and it has cards that arc out, and has certain types of memberships with certain features such as premium members being allowed to chat, or use private game rooms etc. If I, ...
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