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What makes scaling pixel art different than other images?

Recently I was coaching a developer who's new to making pixel art games, and realized there's some "conventional wisdom" around scaling pixel art that's not obvious to a newcomer, and might not be ...
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How do I move the camera in full pixel intervals?

Basically I want to stop the camera from moving in subpixels, as I think this leads to sprites visibly changing their dimensions if just ever so slightly. (Is there a better term for that?) Note that ...
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What sprite size should I use for 2D game?

I try to create a 2D game for Android. It looks like Cut the rope (it isn't a clone but it have same level representation) if it has a value. My problem that I can't understand that optimal sprite ...
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Strange warping/shimmering effect with Unity Tilemap and Cinemachine

I'm using a Cinemachine Virtual Camera in a 2D project to follow around a target. The ground / background is a Unity Tilemap GameObject. As you can see in the gif above (or on Imgur), when following ...
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Unity - Pixels, Units, Sprites and Pixels per unit - Setting a relationship between sprites and screen size

I don't get how units and pixels work in Unity. For instance: Here I have a camera with size 5. This means that there are 5 units from the center of the camera to either the top or bottom border. ...
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Different resolution for UI?

I'm developing my first game for mobile devices in Unity3D. My game uses a 720p-resolution. Currently the UI uses the same one. So far so good. I heard that professional game-developers create their ...
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What should I use as units for my 2D game?

I'm trying to create my first C++ 2D fighting game from scratch, using SDL, and so far I got things to where I am able to move a couple sprites around using some keyboard keys. Right now, I have it so ...
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Best base resolution for a pixelart project for bigger audience [closed]

I've been working on Top-down 2D pixel art project for quite some time. When I first started my project, I actually set application surface, display and game window to match 1:1 - with that said, the ...
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Unity, Pixel Perfect and Scaling

I am totally stuck on with pixel perfectness of the game. I have tried a few pixel perfect camera -assets, but they have lots of issues considering scalability. is it normal that these cameras zoom in ...
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My pixel art looks weird in the game view in Unity [duplicate]

I am making my first 2D game in Unity and something has been bothering me. If I'm in the scene view, my game looks fine but when I go to the game view the pixels in the sprites aren't rendered ...
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How to scale UI for different screen resolutions

Godot 4.2.1, not a pixel art game. This is about scaling the UI, not sprites etc. I am targeting 1080p (base resolution), 1440p, and 4K. 4K is easy, I just set the scale to 2. But for 1440p, if I set ...
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Choosing Number of Points and PPI Resolution To Future-Proof Game Images

I'm working on an iOS SpriteKit game and I'm currently designing some images to be used as character animations in Photoshop. There are many different iPhones with various screen sizes and resolutions,...
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How can I use the same number of tiles in any screen resolution, with an isometric projection?

I have an isometric grid with 64x32 diamond images. Each tile is a class, each instance is in a 2D array. Players have different screen resolutions and the grid must take up the whole screen. ...
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Screen size independent movements

I am developing a simple game for Android. It is a really simple game, with only one object - a ball. I am using the game loop based on delta time. However I have noticed that my game runs not in ...
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Weird effect during rendering pixel art in Unity

I am building a top-down 2D game in Unity engine. I have made a house on my own but when I try to render it in Unity, it shows weird effect when camera moves. See the roof of the house: I want the ...
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