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How to orient a hexagonal tile on a geodesic sphere (Goldberg polyhedron)?

I've recently ported the hexasphere implementation by Rob Scanlon at to objective-c for use in a project I'm exploring. As a port, it works very well, and I ...
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Understanding how to use Quaternion to rotate object

I m having hard time to understand Quaternions and to use them in my engine for rotating object. I m looking for step by step explanation, actually a correction of my view of Quaternions. Here is how ...
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How do I create a view matrix directly from a quaternion and a position vector?

Given a quaternionic camera such that: ...
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Normal Matrix in plain English

I'm into shader language with Webgl and GLSL. I've seen some tutorial about normal matrix and I don't really understand it. I mean, I think I'm ok with the math such as: ...
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Invert parent transform (doesn't work for combination of rotation and scale)

My problem I'm working with Qt3D and my problem is almost exactly like this one: Suggested solution A solution is suggested here:
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What are the "axes of a matrix" exactly?

I am currently learning about game engines, and for the engine math, there are functions called GetXAxis, GetYAxis, and GetZAxis that returned the X, Y and Z axes for a matrix. These functions return ...
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How does lookAt matrix math work?

Can someone provide me an explanation of how the lookAt matrix works? ...
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Scaling a sphere to give identical result, regardless of rotation

how can I maintain a consistent scaling of a sphere regardless of the rotation of the model? For example, take the following (scaled) sphere: In this image, we start with a sphere, looking at it ...
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How to set up view and model matrices for 3D rendering?

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Rotation matrix to look at point p

Assume a left-handed coordinate system where x is right, y is up, and z is into the screen. You have a unit vector pointing up along the y-axis. What's the rotation matrix for pointing the unit vector ...
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How are transformation matrices usually represented?

I know the bare minimum to do matrix multiplication and have implemented them from scratch a few times for various purposes, but every time I do, I make sure to be very clear to myself about where are ...
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