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Inverse of perspective matrix, for what?

I dont understand for what i need the inverse of the perspective Matrix in Computer Graphics and how do i calculate it?Maybe someone has an explanation for me.
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Casting ray from 2D to 3D

As an exercise in trying to learn 3D math, I've been experimenting with hit-testing by casting a ray from 2D screen space into 3D world space. My first attempt was as follows: ...
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Picking objects with mouse ray

I simply want to pick a few spheres in my scene using the mouse-ray. I have implemented(copied most of it but with little understanding) a ray-sphere collision code. Also I have implemented the code ...
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Ray Picking Problems

I've read so many answers on here about how to do Ray Picking, that I thought I had the idea of it down. But when I try to implement it in my game, I get garbage. I'm working with LWJGL. Here's the ...
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3D picking lwjgl

I have written some code to preform 3D picking that for some reason dosn't work entirely correct! (Im using LWJGL just so you know.) I posted this at stackoverflow at first but after researching some ...
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How to tell what part of a 3D cube was touched

I am writing a rather simple android game and I am implementing Open GL to draw a 3D cube that spins upon the X, Y and Z axis and I need to know where the user has clicked on the texture of the cube. ...
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Best way to Draw a cube for 3D Picking on a specific face

Currently I am drawing a cube for a game that I am making and the cube draw method is below. My question is, what is the best way to draw a cube and to be able to easily find the face that the cursor ...
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How to generate slopes that meet the plane, is using collision detection a good idea?

I have a terrain, which is defined by mesh. And there are a lot of other polygonal faces scattered throughout the terrain, they can be located above, or below or cutting through the terrain. You can ...
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How to a select a single 3D object out of multiple objects using mouse click and move it using mouse drag in OpenGL

I am rendering multiple 3d objects on the screen but i want to select one particular object by clicking on it and then move it using mouse drag but i cant figure it how to do it because on clicking ...
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how to do picking in 2d lwjgl

I searched the whole internet, but I couldn't find something useful. How to do picking (like ray picking) in lwjgl in orthographic mode (2d)? I think this is less confusing than picking in 3d, but I ...
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