Is there any way to have fonts in game without making a separate Content Project and adding a .spritefont file in the new 3.3 Monogame? You can now load other resources directly from the Content folder but not spritefonts...


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I found out that the Content.mcgb is actually a little GUI helper and you can generate and easily load a .spritefont file with it.


1.Load the GUI app by double clicking the "Content.mcgb" file in the "Content" folder

2.Go to Edit -> New Item... -> Choose SpriteFont and give it a name -> Hit "Ok"

3.Go to Build -> Build (or hit F6) - You should get some info on the font getting built

4.Load the .spritefont file in VS (Right-click the projct -> Add -> Existing Item -> Choose the newly created file)

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Incidentally, if you use MonoGame 3.3, you can just add a new SpriteFont to the MonoGame Pipeline and it works automatically :)

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