I've been looking for a way to make my Cocos2D-JS app go into fullscreen mode, but there doesn't seem to be much documentation on Cocos2D-JS (or Cocos2D-x-js as some seem to call it.) This app is to be exported into a Windows Desktop platform (Win32), and so fullscreen mode should work there as well.

I checked the Cocos2D-JS Online API and found cc.screen, which has a method called requestFullScreen, so I tried this:

cc.screen.requestFullScreen(document.documentElement, function() { cc.log('Requesting full screen...'); } );

However, this didn't work on either of the platforms I tested it on (web browser and win32). Since document does not exist when you export the app into win32, I then tried changing it for cc._canvas:

cc.screen.requestFullScreen(cc._canvas, function() { cc.log('Requesting full screen...'); } );

But this did not work either. Is there a way to make the app run in fullscreen mode?

PD: My apologies for any wrong tags I may have included to this question. I added the ones I thought were related to this problem.


I was able to make the deployed cocos2d-js Win32 app run in fullscreen mode by modifying the AppDelegate.cpp file (located in frameworks/runtime-src/Classes/AppDelegate.cpp).

  1. Inside the AppDelegate.cpp find method applicationDidFinishLoading

  2. Within method applicationDidFinishLoading, look for this line:

    glview = cocos2d::GLViewImpl::createWithRect("MyAppName", Rect(0,0,900,640));
  3. Call createWithFullScreen instead of createWithRect, and remove second argument (which sets the window size in window mode):

    glview = cocos2d::GLViewImpl::createWithFullScreen("MyAppName");
  4. Compile/Deploy the app using cocos compile -p win32, cocos deploy -p win32 -m debug, or cocos run -p win32.

And that's it. :)


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