I want to use frames from a spritesheet as particles for my emitter.

I load my spritesheet with :

game.load.spritesheet('particles_sheet', 'http://stuff.lck.io/luckyslot/sprite_sheet.png', 50, 50, 6);

var emitter = game.add.emitter(game.world.centerX, canvas_height, 80);

And i need some code to load the right frame at random :


Any idea?


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I used this code to generate a simple array with consecutive values like [0,1,2,3,4,5] starting at 0

var particules = 6;
var _pArray = Array.apply(null, {length: particules}).map(Number.call, Number)

and then i used this array as a second param in the makeParticles method :

emitter.makeParticles('logo_sheet', _pArray );

Works perfectly !


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