I want to access a sprite in a scene, but I cannot get the running scene from outside the scene class.

The scene is created using:

Scene* MyScene::createScene() {
    auto scene = Scene::create();
    auto layer = MyScene::create();
    return scene;

bool MyScene::init() {
    this->addChild(sprite,100, 1234);

But if I then access the running scene from outside the class, it has no children.

//should be the MyScene instance with sprite children, but has no children.

I also tried giving the scene layer a tagname, but with the same result.

//returns NULL because getRunningScene has no children.

The only way I can access the scene is making a static reference in my AppDelegate, but this doesn't seem a proper way. How can I get the current scene correctly from outside the class?

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Your layer is a child of scene.

Try a Director::getInstance()->getRunningScene()->getChildrenCount() and you will find only 1 child: layer

You will have to search the children of layer to find the one you need :)

I would use:

auto scene = Scene::create();
auto layer = HelloWorld::create();
scene->addChild(layer,0,999); // add layer as a child to scene

In the init():

this->addChild(yourNode,100,TAGNAME); //this points to layer!

To find yourNode with tag

auto scene = cocos2d::Director::getInstance()->getRunningScene();
auto layer = scene->getChildByTag( 999 );
auto node = layer->getChildByTag( TAGNAME );

I think this will answer your question.


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