I'm pretty new to Game Development world. I'm using Unity 3D (4.6 - Latest version I think) and Visual Studio to code the script and something when I edit the script un VS 2013 and go back to Unity the script I edited does not match what unity "have". And Unity does not even show a compile error.

Exemple I have is :

(in a 2D environment) i wrote this script

void Update(){
    Vector2 tweak = new Vector2(Math.Random(0f,0.2f), Math.Random(0f,0.2f));
    rigidbody.velocity += tweak;

Well unity gave me the error that rigidbody does not exist on the Transform (aright that's cool im in a 2d env. so it's rigidbody2D.velocity. I edited the script, with the fix, but Unity was still executing the line BEFORE the fix. I had to close VS and Unity to fix this.


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Try using Visual Studio Tools for Unity from Syntax tree http://unityvs.com/ You can debug Unity from within Vs with this plugin.


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