I have the following scenario

  1. Main menu scene containing a gameobject with an audio source component
  2. An about us scene

gameObject script :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class ManageMusic : MonoBehaviour {

// Use this for initialization
    void Start () {


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {

public static ManageMusic Instance;
void Awake()

    if (Instance)
        DestroyImmediate (gameObject);
    else {
        DontDestroyOnLoad (gameObject);
        Instance = this;


when i click on aboutUs Button the Game Music object keep on playing an i can hear the music but when i return back to the main menu no music is still playing . i can see that the gameobject is not destroyed when i return to the main menu and the audio Listener have the value of the volume set to 1 , but i can't figure out the problem can anyone help me

  • \$\begingroup\$ Just read the tutorial page I linked you on stackoverflow and try to understand the concept, and implement the singleton as your code apparently doesn't work as intended. \$\endgroup\$
    – Varaquilex
    Jan 13 '15 at 15:27

Use DontDestroyOnLoad for the music player. Reference Also make sure that the music player is a singleton and is not instanciated when re-loading scenes.

See here for details


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