I am currently working on a dialog window for my android game using libgdx. This dialog window contains a collection of labels and buttons, but should also contain an image. The image represents the "remaining health indicator", i.e. an empty indicator with a symbol indicating the health of the player. This indicator has to be filled with a colored rectangle representing the remaining amount of health (see screenshot below). enter image description here

In order to render this on a dialog of libgdx, I have to draw an image and a colored rectangle (the red rectangle indicating the real amount of remaining health). I know that the dialog supports the rendering of images, but I don't know how to first draw the rectangle.

This is the code I have so far:

public FuelFacilityDialog(GameWorld world, GuiComponent gui) { super("Health check", gui.defaultSkin);

    this.world = world;
    this.gui = gui;


    Image healthIndicator = new Image();
    Button button1   = new TextButton("heal", gui.defaultSkin);
    Button button4   = new TextButton("Exit", gui.defaultSkin);

    healthIndicator.setDrawable(new TextureRegionDrawable(AssetLoader.healthIndicatorV));
    setObject(button1, true);
    setObject(button4, false);

    Table imageTable = new Table();
    Table buttonTable = new Table();



I have found the answer for my problem. In order to draw an image and a shape, one can use a pixmap. It is possible to first create a pixmap on which you draw a rectangle. Then, you create another pixmap on which you draw the image. Both pixmap then can be combined by drawing one pixmap onto the other.

This is the code I use to build an image containing a rectangle indicating the actual health level and drawing the indicator image on top of it.

private Image getHealthIndicatorImage() {
        Image indicatorImage = new Image();
        Pixmap healthIndicator = new Pixmap(AssetLoader.healthIndicatorV);
        Pixmap healthLevel = new Pixmap(healthIndicator.getWidth(), healthIndicator.getHeight(), Format.RGBA8888);

        healthLevel.fillRectangle(0, 0, 50, 50);
        healthLevel.drawPixmap(healthIndicator, 0, 0);

        indicatorImage.setDrawable(new TextureRegionDrawable(new TextureRegion(new Texture(healthLevel))));

        return indicatorImage;

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