I want to be able to such an effect, but I don't really know how the BillboardChain class works or how I can use it, examples for this class seems to be rare.


I have created an impressive laser by using particles, here is an example of what a laser particle script would look like:

particle_system Space/Laser
    material        Examples/Flare
    particle_width  3
    particle_height 3
    cull_each       false
    quota           1000000
    billboard_type  point
    local_space true

    // Area emitter
    emitter Point
       angle           0
       emission_rate   500
       time_to_live_min 1000
       time_to_live_max 1000
       direction       0 0 -1
       velocity       1000
       colour 1.0 0.27 0.0

Simply create a particle system using this script, attach to its own node, and toggle visibility on the node to make the laser appear/disappear.

This will create a nice Orange laser beam where you can change the size by editing the particle_width and particle_height attributes. To change the length of the laser edit the time_to_live_min and time_to_live_max attributes but make sure they are the same value.

The material Examples/Flare comes with the OgreSDK by default so you don't have to worry about it (It just uses a nice flare image that the particle script will re-color and use).

Be sure to save it as a .particle file


The closest thing I have seen to this effect is this

There is also this thread that asks the exact same question. It only has 3 replies, but probably worth watching (unless of course you asked this question :P)

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BillboardChain bbchain;
bbchain.addChainElement(BillboardChain::Element(Vector3(0,0,0), 10, 0, ColourValue(1, 0, 0)));

The main reason it was not working for me is because I did not set a high enough width.

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