So I have a flashlight battery script I created and I need to know how do you make the battery variable go down every few seconds(whatever time you set.) I tried InvokeRepeating but it was an absolute disaster (The battery variable just went down really fast and ignored my script). Anyways this is the code I have:

void Update ()
    if (light == false) {
    if (light == true) {
        battery--;//This is what I want to have every few seconds

    if (battery == 0) {
        myLight.enabled = false;
        light =false;
        InvokeRepeating("invoke", 1, 0.01F);

void invoke(){
    light = false;
    myLight.enabled = false;
  • \$\begingroup\$ This question is actually about how to fix your code, I think it's a poor question. Also, in the future, please only include the code related to the problem in your question. \$\endgroup\$ – MichaelHouse Nov 30 '14 at 1:37

You're on the right track with InvokeRepeating. However, three issues:

  1. You're currently calling your invoke method every .01 seconds.

  2. Your invoke method disables your myLight component, rather than decreasing battery.

  3. Your invoke method is a very confusing name.

I'm not sure you're calling InvokeRepeating in a good spot, but I'll let you test that :)

I'd suggest changing your invoke method to something like this:

void DecreaseBattery(){

Then edit your InvokeRepeating call:

InvokeRepeating("DecreaseBattery", 30f, 30f);

This will invoke DecreaseBattery after 30 seconds, and then every 30 seconds thereafter.

If you ever need to cancel or restart the InvokeRepeating call, you may want to use CancelInvoke(); somewhere to ensure multiple repeats don't overlap.


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