I have this code for cocos2d-x 3.x:

void MainMenu::StartGame(cocos2d::Ref* pSender)
    auto director = Director::getInstance();
    auto newScene = Scene::create();
    director->replaceScene(newScene); //run
    Scene *maybeNewScene = director->getRunningScene();
    CCASSERT ( maybeNewScene == newScene , "...") ;          //Assert Fail

    auto hudLayer= HUD::create();
    scene->addChild(hudLayer, Z_NORMAL);

But When I get runnign scene by director->getRunningScene(), It gives me the scene which was running before calling director->replaceScene(). (the scene which is going to be destructed soon)

When I checked replaceScene() function, This function places newScene in some varibale called _nextScene but not assigned it to _runningScene .

Question: How can I access newScene, just some lines further? ( for example in HUD::init())


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Quoted from @mannewalis

The reason your scene is not the running scene is because it it only gets set the next frame, or even later if there is a transition running.

You could add you HUD create code in the new scene onEnter method, I believe runningScene will be set by then, but possibly not if there is a transition running, in which case you should add your HUD create code to the onEnterTransitionDidFinish method. You can even use a lambda method to do it by calling setonEnterTransitionDidFinishCallback.


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