I am confused . what shall I set the orthographic camera viewport in libGDX when I use box2d , in one tutorial I saw that he divided his viewport numbers to 32 because 1meter =32 pixel , but I think it will make the images to be displayed by lower quality , so can anybody explain me what viewport shall I set ?


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I think you need to find the needed ratio between Texture size and meters. I would probably use 100px:1m. Then, when you are setting the fixture sizes, multiply the texture size with the ratio.

Try something like this:

private float ratio = 1/100;

private Texture texture = new Texture(YOUR TEXTURE PATH);

private float fixtureHeight = texture.getHeight() * ratio;

So now, if your player will be 200px heigh, then ,in box2d, it will be 2 meters high.


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