I have an issue with CCActionMoveBy when I call the movement action for many of my sprites. I need to move to a certain position and then remove it from the scene.

My problem is If the call the action for one or two positions its working fine, but when I call this action for more than 5 positions, the sprite doesn't move to the correct position.

My Frames are between 15 and 20, and I am not sure If there is a correlation.

Here is my Code :

[_sprite1[1][1] runAction:[CCActionSequence actions:[self moveWithPosition:ccp(60,-10)], remove, nil]];
[_sprite2[1][1] runAction:[CCActionSequence actions:[self moveWithPosition:ccp(10, 80)], remove, nil]];
[_sprite3[1][1] runAction:[CCActionSequence actions:[self moveWithPosition:ccp(-10,- 80)], remove, nil]];
[_sprite4[1][1] runAction:[CCActionSequence actions:[self moveWithPosition:ccp(-60, 10)], remove, nil]];

the above code is calling action for sprite with its position[1][1] like that i am calling many of the position at a same time for sprite.

Here the method for CCActionMoveBy

-(CCActionMoveBy *) moveWithPosition:(CGPoint) distance{

    return [CCActionMoveBy actionWithDuration:MoveTime position:ccp(distance.x, distance.y)];

MoveTime = 0.25f;

if you need more information i will update please help on this issue..


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