I am trying to export a model from 3ds Max 2014 as a fbx file and use it in my SharpDX driven project. In the SharpDX example solution, there is a project named ModelRendering.Desktop. I just modified it to load my exported testmodel.

This is the result when running the program: enter image description here

As you see, I modeled a cube in 3ds Max. But the sample application shows me something different. When I try to export some more complex models, their renderings are totally broken.

I use the default export settings ("Autodesc Media & Entertainment"). Do I need to hit a special export option or do I need to use some external converter? What is the common way to use fbx models from 3ds Max in SharpDX?


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Make sure that the culling order is correct. This depends on whether you're using LR or RH. If you're not sure, then just try both GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullFront and GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullBack to see which one looks correct.

Also, you might want to try rendering with your camera's world matrix through Matrix.Transpose.


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