I want to clarify whether the Java Framework "LibGDX" can be used to compile games to native executables. The description/tagline says "Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework".

I presumed that when they say "desktop", what is meant is native executables and not that they'll be .jar that needs JVM/Java installed on the native machine to run.

Can Libgdx games run without a Java dependency?


It means desktop.

You have two options to deploy your libGDX app to the desktop:

  • Create a self-runnable JAR. This is easier (Eclipse can export it pretty easily).
  • Create an EXE, via launch4j (or some other wrapper). This is possible too (especially with Gradle).

I've used both approaches and they work equally well as far as I can tell.

Both rely on Java being installed. You still need a JVM; there's no way around it.

Launch4j also includes an option to bundle a JRE with your app, which would make it a "true" standalone application (doesn't need Java installed on the user's PC). Your app will be quite big, though.


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