I develop 3d menu and sometimes I need to blur only part of the screen. I use a forward rendering. I create a frame buffer object with 3 color attachments. Rendering looks like this:

  • bind fbo
  • render objects which are blurred to the first texture
  • bind the first texture
  • perform vertical blur and save a result in the second texture
  • bind the second texture
  • perform horizontal blur and save a result in the third texture
  • unbind fbo (render to the default fbo)
  • bind the thrid texture
  • render the third texture
  • render objects which are not blurred

I can use subroutines to reduce overhead during switching shaders. I also found the following article . Do you have any other ideas how to optimize above rendering ?


That is the standard way of doing a Gaussian blur however, you can use only 2 textures like this:

  • bind the original texture
  • blur horizontally to the second texture
  • bind the blurred horizontally texture
  • blur vertically to the original texture

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