For my game, I want a way to make the game remember the top score. I know how to make the game save, I just need a way to save a high score.

This is my current system, that has not been working:

If next room exists >
If score is larger than health >
Set the health to score >
    highscore_add(global, score);

This has an output of nothing.

I would really appreciate some help!


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According to the documentation, highscore_value takes different arguments from highscore_add.


place: The place on the table (1-10).

With this function you can retrieve the score value that has been stored in the high score list at the given position.


highscore_add(str, numb);

str The string (name) to attribute the score to
numb The number (score) to add.

With this function you can add a name and a score to the internal global high score list.

Your code

highscore_add(global, score);

...attempts set and retrieve values using equal terms (score and health), which is a mis-use of the functions. You are also using the global variable when you should be using a string.


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