I'm finding my way around CryEngine 3 (through Steam) and want to create a simple effect where a fire on shore is reflected in a body of water.

For testing purposes, I've made the water dead calm...


(Note Dx11 on 2nd line of debug info)

As you can see, the terrain is reflected properly, but the flame particles aren't reflected. It's my understanding that this should be possible.

NB: I've created an appropriate cubemap for the water environment, although I don't believe it comes into play here.

I've seen a number of posts saying Glossiness > 50 (or 50%) and a light specular color are required. I've got 100% and white...

Material Editor

And for completeness, the water volume properties...

enter image description here

Can someone please tell me what I need to enable to get this working? Thanks.



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