I'd like to replicate this game's mechanic of the player smashing walls with a precise timing to a background rhythm.

How should I check when each wall should be broken? Does the player animation use a hitbox, or does it use timing to detect if the smashing animation should play?


You need only simple collision detection for something like this: You could just compare the X-coordinate of the nearest wall with that of the player when the player throws a punch.

Something along the lines of

if (wall.x - player.x <= 50 && wall.x - player.x > 0) {
    // The wall is in a good position!
} else {
    // The wall is out of reach!

I used 50 as the maximum target distance here. Change it to fit the needs of your game.

If you would want this to be a part of an animation, just run this check in select frames of your animation, where the player's punch would be valid.


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