Can i fusion multiple .tga or .jpeg into only one, and texturise my model with it ?

Here is an example to explain my self better : I have Mr Bowser as 3d model and i want to integrate it in a game. The thing is that all the textures, from the color of his mouth to the cones on his shell are held by different tga files. For the mouth i have mouth.tga as texture, for the cones on the shell i have cone.tga and so on... . But what i want to achieve is to have cone.tga mouth.tga and so on, in the same and only file. Like all the textures to make Mr angry Bowser a colorfull character concentrated in one and only file. Can i achieve that, is there a way to do it ?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.


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You absolutely can combine them! Many 3D games contain an image for the characters body and one for the head, and some combine the two for a single texture for the entire a model. Here's an example of a whole head's texture:

enter image description here

Also check out this PDF if you'd like to learn more about texture mapping in general.

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