My game has a sprite representing a character. When the character picks up an item, the sprite should stop moving for a period of time.

I use CCbezier to make the sprite move, like this:


Now I want the sprite to stop its current action (moving) and later resume it. I can make the sprite stop by using:


but if I do that, I can't resume the movement. How can I do that?


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You could try this:

[yourSprite pauseSchedulerAndActions]

and to resume

[yourSprite resumeSchedulerAndActions]

Source: SO thread

If that shouldn't work, another option might be:

[sprite.actionManager pauseTarget:sprite];

[sprite.actionManager resumeTarget:sprite];
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    \$\begingroup\$ [yourSprite pauseSchedulerAndActions] and to resume [yourSprite resumeSchedulerAndActions] These code pause all actions of sprite, i just want pause particular action of sprite, thanks \$\endgroup\$ Commented Jun 6, 2014 at 1:34

Yes, cocos2d-x has a built in way to do this. If you want to pause everything the character is doing you can simply use:




  • NOTE: this also pauses any actions being performed on the character. If you want to continue the actions, but just pause the animation, do this instead:

  • _scheduler is declared in the Node class, so all classes that inherit from it have access to it



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