Ignore the palm trees here.

I have some oak-like trees when I'm zoomed in: trees

They disappear when I zoom out: no trees

Is this normal? Is this something to do with draw distance? How can I change this so my trees don't disappear?

The reason I ask is because my installation had a weird terrain glitch. If this isn't normal I'm going to reinstall right away because I'm always thinking 'is that a feature? Or a glitch'?


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Hmm..maybe I should stop firing off questions.

Try hitting this button if you get into this situation:

Click the terrain, and in the contextual inspector, there is a refresh button (bottom right of this screen shot). Click that if you've updated your trees. inspector

I scaled up my tree mesh because they were tiny. I scaled it up, but the billboards remained tiny ( I mean really tiny) so they can't be seem when you zoom out. When I click refresh, the billboards are re-generated from the larger resized mesh so they stop appearing to disappear


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