I am very new to game development and I am trying to debug my 3d collision bounds. Could somebody give me an example on how to draw the collision bounds of an object in libGDX?

I assume it has something to do with btIDebugDraw but I can't find any examples on how to draw them.


You can use the setDebugMode() method of the BulletWorld class. The argument that you specify is an int depicting the mode. For example, you can use world.setDebugMode(btIDebugDraw.DebugDrawModes.DBG_MAX_DEBUG_DRAW_MODE ) to draw every single debug option available. You can find a list of other modes from Bullet Physic's documentation here.


This approach works well for LibGDX 1.2.0

First of all you must create new instance of DebugDrawer and set debug mode you need:

debugDrawer = new DebugDrawer();

Set this drawer to your btDynamicsWorld instance:


Display debug data in ApplicationAdapter.render() method:


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