I'm trying to find out how to stop a specific sound effect rather than having to stop all of them.

I'm using OALSimpleAudio.

I can't seem to find how to do it. simple google searches result in nothing, which means my searches are crap, it's REALLY easy to do and i'm ... stupid :p, or it isn't possible.

I hope you guys can help me.

In the background i have a humming engine sound, but when the object takes damage, the humming sound is stopped, that's not what i want.

case kStateTakingDamage:
        CCLOG(@"Ship taking damage");
        [self playTakingDamageSound];
        self.characterHealth = self.characterHealth - 1.0f;
        action = [CCActionAnimate actionWithAnimation:damageAnimation];
        [[GameManager sharedGameManager] stopSoundEffect];

- (void) playSoundEffect: (NSString *) soundEffect {
    [self playSoundEffect: soundEffect andLoop: NO];

- (void) playSoundEffect: (NSString *) soundEffect andLoop: (BOOL) loop {
    [[OALSimpleAudio sharedInstance] playEffect:soundEffect loop: loop];

- (void) stopSoundEffect {
    [[OALSimpleAudio sharedInstance] stopAllEffects];

- (id) isSoundPlaying {
    //TODO: find out how this works ;

All you need to to is to store the return value of [OALSimpleAudio playEffect]. The method returns an instance of type id<ALSoundSource>, which means a class that implements the ALSoundSource protocol. This is the actual sound effect object used internally by OAL. If you refer to the documentation, you'll find that id<ALSoundSource> has a stop method.

So all you need to do is basically:

id<ALSoundSource> soundSrc = [[OALSimpleAudio sharedInstance] playEffect:"my_sound.mp3" loop:true];
// play for a while...
if (soundSrc != nil)
    [soundSrc stop];

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